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Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions to Maximize Your Net Income

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // March 6, 2018

tax deductions

Properly documenting agent tax deductions is a year-round endeavor. Whether the agent or the agent’s accountant files the forms, organizing and documenting on a regular basis is the best way to maximize proper real estate business tax deductions. There is little excuse for procrastination with the multitude of software choices that can greatly enhance orderly […]

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5 Easy Renovations Before Reselling Your Home

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // March 2, 2018

home renovation

With spring approaching and temperatures beginning to warm, it is a good time to consider some last minute renovations that are easy and will add value to your home. Here are some simple and cost effective tips to cosmetically enhance your property. Update the Front Entrance Install a new door or paint the existing one. […]

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4 Tax Benefits Associated with Acquiring Real Estate

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 26, 2018

real estate taxes

Most people have at least some level of anxiety when it comes to taxes. Would you believe that there are several tax advantages to holding real estate? That’s right, you can benefit from acquiring real estate property. Read on for details on just how it works. Capital Gains Tax Capital gains have to do with […]

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