5 Easy Renovations Before Reselling Your Home

5 Easy Renovations Before Reselling Your Home

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home renovationWith spring approaching and temperatures beginning to warm, it is a good time to consider some last minute renovations that are easy and will add value to your home. Here are some simple and cost effective tips to cosmetically enhance your property.

Update the Front Entrance

Install a new door or paint the existing one. Potential buyers are drawn to the main entrance, so this quick enhancement can have an immediate impression on buyers that may be passing by.

Change Old Faucets

There are a multitude of fixtures on the market for kitchens and bathrooms to add any kind of style to a house. While choosing new faucets keep the overall style of your home in mind. This can be an inexpensive and uncomplicated renovation that can add new shine to these busy rooms.

Beef Up Baseboards

There is an easy and inexpensive trick to get around costly trim and molding that will add a more custom, expensive feel. Simple place a thin piece of trim a couple inches above the existing baseboard then paint in between. This can be done cheaply and without much labor.

Add a Stair Runner

Adding a runner to slick stairs can be expensive. An easy hack for this that will cost far less than hiring professional carpet installers is to buy off the shelf runners and install them yourself. It is an easy project that can be completed in no time.

Install New Floor in Mudrooms and Laundries

New flooring doesn’t have to be expensive. Vinyl tile is available in a wide variety of styles for a low cost. Small laundry rooms are easy and affordable rooms to enhance with self adhesive tile. This can be completed in less than a day and will make these utilitarian rooms come to life.

These easy tips can be quickly completed to increase the value of your property as the prime selling season around the corner approaches and with a minimal investment of time or labor. Most can be done in a few days or less and can add new life to your home.

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