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Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions to Maximize Your Net Income

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // March 6, 2018

tax deductions

Properly documenting agent tax deductions is a year-round endeavor. Whether the agent or the agent’s accountant files the forms, organizing and documenting on a regular basis is the best way to maximize proper real estate business tax deductions. There is little excuse for procrastination with the multitude of software choices that can greatly enhance orderly […]

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5 Easy Renovations Before Reselling Your Home

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // March 2, 2018

home renovation

With spring approaching and temperatures beginning to warm, it is a good time to consider some last minute renovations that are easy and will add value to your home. Here are some simple and cost effective tips to cosmetically enhance your property. Update the Front Entrance Install a new door or paint the existing one. […]

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4 Tax Benefits Associated with Acquiring Real Estate

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 26, 2018

real estate taxes

Most people have at least some level of anxiety when it comes to taxes. Would you believe that there are several tax advantages to holding real estate? That’s right, you can benefit from acquiring real estate property. Read on for details on just how it works. Capital Gains Tax Capital gains have to do with […]

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Important Tips on How to Handle Home Inspections

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 26, 2018

home inspection

There are several things you should know about home inspections. Unless required by the financing bank, inspections by the buyer are highly recommended, but optional. Buyers should therefore only hire independent licensed inspectors of their own fully independent choice of the highest reputations. Online resources can help the buyer chose a quality inspector, although references […]

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Maximize Social Media for Real Estate

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 17, 2018

social media real estate

By now it is no surprise that social media has become another tool in the real estate sellers and buyers market. Even so, many agents never fully use the capacity of this powerful marketing medium. There are a number of ways that you and your brokerage can employ a more effective social media campaign to […]

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How to Stay Focused Working at Home

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 14, 2018

business man

If you work from home as a freelancer or any other kind of employ, it can offer great freedom, but also it can be hard to manage time and stay focused. Here are some tips that may help you stay on task. Take frequent breaks It may seem counter-intuitive to be breaking all the time, […]

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Myths that Keep People Out of Real Estate Investing

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 9, 2018

real estate myths

Using capital to invest in real estate can seem like a huge gamble. Especially if you have little experience and knowledge of the market. But with a little research you can soon equip yourself with the know how to make wise decisions in investing in real estate. Here are some of the myths that may […]

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Add Value to Your Home with These Winter Remodeling Tips

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // January 7, 2018

house snow remodel

Winter may seem like an unlikely time to do any serious home remodels, but it can actually save time for when the weather warms and you are ready to complete or continue with those projects started in winter. Laying Foundation for an Addition Working outdoors is not always the most enjoyable, but the jumpstart to […]

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Posted by KJK Property Solutions // December 18, 2017

winter outdoor party

How to Host an Amazing Winter Party Outdoors Yes, it sounds impossible and if you may have considered it, who would want to stand outside in the dead of winter even with your amazing meal lined up? Well, this guide will help you make this challenging party scenario a winter blast your guests will enjoy […]

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Seasonal Winter Tips for a Successful Open House

Posted by KJK Property Solutions // December 12, 2017

holiday decor

As winter sets in, some feel that this is not the ideal time to sell a home. However, with some savvy decorating and welcoming atmosphere, prospective buyers may envision themselves already living in the comfy house of their dreams! Here are a few tips to turn a home on the market into an attractive prospect […]

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